Primevest attracts financing for fibre optic roll-out in The Hague from ABN AMRO

ABN AMRO and Primevest Capital Partners have agreed on a finance facility for the roll-out of a fibre optic network in Segbroek. With this financing, ABN AMRO is facilitating the roll-out of fibre optic in The Hague and further conversion to fibre optics of the Netherlands in general.

Primevest CP started rolling out fibre optic networks in The Hague in 2019 with T-Mobile and Volker Wessels Telecom (“VWT”). The first cluster in Segbroek was recently completed and the start of the second cluster in The Hague, Loosduinen, was recently announced. Primevest CP’s investment fund, the Primevest Communication Infrastructure Fund (“PCIF”), invests in passive infrastructure. The fund finances investments up to a maximum of 50% with loans and has concluded a finance facility with ABN AMRO for this purpose. It is the intention that the financing will be expanded in the future with the financing of the roll-out of a fibre optic network in the Loosduinen district of The Hague, which Primevest CP, T-Mobile and VWT have recently announced.

Bas van Dongen (Fund Manager PCIF): “We are pleased that a Dutch bank is contributing to the fibre roll-out in the Netherlands in this way. We have actively worked with our partners T-Mobile and VWT to conclude this agreement and this is an important next step in our joint ambition to start more fibre optic projects”.

Bastiaan Haakman (Senior Finance Specialist ABN AMRO) and Matthijs Meinders (Relationship Manager Sector TMT ABN AMRO): “ABN AMRO believes in the future of fibre optics and in the open-access strategy of Primevest CP. By opening networks to all parties at attractive rates, households in the Netherlands that do not yet have access to fast internet via a fibre optic connection can be connected quickly. ABN AMRO is pleased to be able to contribute with this financing to the further conversion to fibre optic networks in the Netherlands”.

About Primevest Capital Partners
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