Primevest Capital Partners to expand fiber optic network in Königswinter to 4,000 households

Primevest has signed an agreement with operator Disquom to extend the fibre optic network across Königswinter, Germany. Primevest is financing and building the infrastructure which will provide some 4,000 households with the option to access high-speed internet via a contract with Disquom.

Disquom will market and provide ultra-high-speed internet services over the new network. The civil engineering work for the main route from Sassenberg via Eudenbach to Berghausen began in October and will complete in July 2022.

Klaus Leckelt, Senior Acquisition Manager at Primevest CP , said: “Primevest is investing to enable the delivery of a future-proof and modern fibre optic network more widely across Köningswinter. Together with our partners Disquom and GFS, we will expand coverage to the Sassenberg, Eudenbach, Wilmeroth and Berghausen districts, closing the current gaps in broadband availability. Our investment combined with a short construction timeframe mean that these areas will shortly benefit from a modernised network. Next year we will further expand to adjacent parts of the city.”

The extension of the fiber optic network has the full support of the municipality, Lutz Wagner, Mayor of Königswinter, added: “The corona pandemic has shown how important fast internet is, for video conferences, receiving and sending extensive documentation and for using cloud storage options. Those who only have an Internet speed of up to 30 megabits per second at home will quickly run into restrictions when using their computer. The same applies to business locations which is why the municipality is keen to see the network expanded.”

The city of Königswinter will work closely with Disquom and GFS during the implementation of the construction project to ensure that it runs as smoothly as possible.

More information on how to obtain a contract with Discquom: www.glasfaser-Kö

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