Fiber network in Segbroek completed

Superfast internet available for 32,000 households in The Hague district. The consortium of Primevest Capital Partners, T-Mobile and VolkerWessels Telecom has completed the construction of the fiber-optic network in the Segbroek district of The Hague.

At the end of May, the last piece of a total of 140 kilometers of fiber optic cable was built. More than 32,000 households now have access to superfast internet and several thousands of families are already using it. Because the network is now ready for use, anyone who signs up now can upload and download with superfast speeds within four weeks.

T-Mobile wants more Dutch people to access the internet at a speed of 1 Gigbit per second (Gbps) and that at the lowest possible price. In combination with a T-Mobile Unlimited mobile subscription, customers pay only 25 euros per month for this superfast internet at home. The construction of the network in Segbroek is in line with T-Mobile’s plan to install glass fiber together with partner Primevest Capital Partners in as many locations as possible where this is not yet the case. Primevest Capital Partners invests on behalf of the Primevest Communication Infrastructure Fund (“PCIF”) in the construction of the passive infrastructure, while T-Mobile is responsible for the active layer. T-Mobile also opens this network to all competitors on very attractive terms.

Good start of of T-Mobile’s fiber-roll-out ambition
The consortium of T-Mobile, Primevest and VolkerWessels Telecom has demonstrated in Segbroek that many households in The Hague can benefit from fast fiber optics in a short time and with minimal inconvenience. Use was made of a new innovative construction method, in which 32,000 households were connected to fiber optics in eleven months. That’s certainly important in these times when most people work from home.

CEO Søren Abildgaard of T-Mobile: “The project in Segbroek is a good start for our plan to provide hundreds of thousands of addresses with fiber optic services in the coming years. It is great to see that so many customers are using this offer directly and are enthusiastic about the speed and quality of our fiber optic network.”

Except in Segbroek, T-Mobile, Primevest and VolkerWessels Telecom are currently installing fiber optics for more than 25,000 households in Loosduinen. More locations will soon be announced where the construction of fiber optics will start.

About Primevest Capital Partners
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