15.01.2019   . Communication Infrastructure

Primevest-Capital-Partners Deutschland GmbH is expanding its investments in fibre-optic networks in the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region

For the Primevest Communication Infrastructure Fund , the cooperation with fibre network project developer and network operator BBV Deutschland is being expanded in the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region.
For the Primevest Communication Infrastructure Fund , the cooperation with fibre network project developer and network operator BBV Deutschland is being expanded in the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region.
  • The first two fibre-optic projects in the Melanchthon city of Bretten have been completed successfully.
  • Ultra-fast internet using optical fibre will be laid in ten municipalities surrounding the city of Sinsheim.

Primevest-Capital-Partners has identified a second investment in the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region for the Primevest Communication Infrastructure Fund (PCIF). This involves fibre-optic networks to be developed in the vicinity of the city of Sinsheim. PCIF has been collaborating successfully with the fibre network project developer and operator Breitbandversorgung Deutschland GmbH (BBV) for some time already. BBV is responsible for the planning and development of the entire fibre-optic network. After the planned completion, the fibre-optic networks will be purchased by PCIF and let to BBV for the long term.

In addition to the planned investments, further clusters have already been identified.

Bas van Dongen, Fund Manager at the Primevest Communication Infrastructure Fund: “We’re delighted that we can drive the expansion of broadband in such a prosperous yet underserved region, given its slow internet connection. We will close an important gap here together with BBV.” What is more, few internet providers offer fast internet connections in the region. Van Dongen adds: “Thanks to the collaboration with BBV and the provision of high-speed internet, we believe the fund will generate a stable and long-term return. Furthermore, investors’ interests will be considered by the turnkey acceptance of the network and the associated avoidance of completion risks.”

“After the successful completion and commissioning of the fibre-optic network’s first construction areas in Bretten, we are seeing increasing interest in the provision of fast internet in other regions. In Primevest, we have a strong partner at our side, which provides the necessary investment capital for this,” said Manfred Maschek, Managing Director of BBV.

“The investment in the vicinity of Sinsheim is another example of the investment strategy. PCIF invests, amongst other things, in fibre infrastructure in underserved regions. The objective is to establish a comprehensive, regional and sizeable fibre-optic network from several subnetworks and to thereby supply both private households and companies with high-speed internet,” added Dr. Peter Selgert, Consultant for the Primevest Communication Infrastructure Fund.

Primevest-Capital-Partners intend to invest between 500 and 600 million euros in “passive telecommunication structure”, such as fibre-optic networks, transmission masts and data centres for institutional investors. The external financing share is a maximum of 50 per cent. The fund is designed as a Luxembourg-based limited partnership SCS. The minimum investment sum is ten million euros.

About Primevest Capital Partners
Primevest Capital Partners is a pan-European investment boutique, specialising in innovative real asset investment strategies. With solid industry knowledge and focus on specialist investment sectors, such as parking, telecommunications and affordable contemporary living. Primevest CP has grown into a leading player in these sectors. Primevest CP seeks to deliver attractive risk-adjusted returns for its clients, with a focus on sustainable income and capital growth. Primevest Capital Partners currently has 1.3 billion of assets under management, spread across eight sector-focused funds and two individual institutional mandates. Primevest CP employs 30 professionals and operates out of offices in Utrecht and Berlin.

About BBV Deutschland
Operating throughout Germany via regional companies, Breitbandversorgung Deutschland (BBV) connects private and corporate customers directly to the worldwide internet with optical fibre (FTTH, Fiber-to-the-Home). The main shareholder is the British investment company Riverrock. The focus of the network expansion is on under-served, rural regions without sufficient broadband connections. The core competencies of the company include the planning, establishment and marketing of powerful and pioneering FTTH (Fiber-to-the-Home) products and networks. Further information: www.bbv-deutschland.de

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