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T-Mobile, Primevest Capital Partners and VolkerWessels Telecom start city-wide its fiber rollout in The Hague

VolkerWessels Telecom have signed a cooperation agreement with the municipality of The Hague concerning the rollout of Fiber to the Home networks.
VolkerWessels Telecom have signed a cooperation agreement with the municipality of The Hague concerning the rollout of Fiber to the Home networks.

A consortium of T-Mobile, Primevest Capital Partners and VolkerWessels Telecom is formed to roll out an open-access FTTH network on which also 5G and Smart City applications in urban areas can be deployed. The consortium will start in June with the rollout of 33.000 home and business addresses in Segbroek, a district within the city of The Hague. With this cooperation, T-Mobile delivers on its promise to roll out fiber networks. The cooperation combines the unique strengths of each partner unlocking favorable economics, rapid, low impact and customer focused network rollout.

Richard de Mos, alderman for Economic Affairs, Sport and Public Space: “The municipality of The Hague is extremely happy with this fruitful cooperation. The consortium will bring our city a state of the art digital infrastructure that will benefit our citizens as well as our businesses. The city-wide rollout of Fiber-to-the-home will realize good digital connectivity for all the citizens in The Hague. The new fiber network is distinctive from other initiatives, as it is ready for all thinkable future applications and will offer open access to third parties. We expect this to boost innovation in telecommunications services in our city.”

Promise to The Hague
In January of this year, T-Mobile Netherlands merged with Tele2 Netherlands. A merger that was cleared by the European Commission without remedies. Søren Abildgaard, CEO: “With this merger, we have created the strongest possible challenger in the duopolistic Dutch telecommunications market. During the approval process by the European Commission, we made it very clear that this merger will strongly benefit Dutch consumers. To prove this we made them five hard promises. With the new consortium, we deliver on our promise to roll out fiber networks. Starting right here in The Hague, where our headquarters are located. The partnership with Primevest and VolkerWessels Telecom allows consumers to benefit from high quality, high speed fiber networks and offering ultrafast Internet and a rich TV content portfolio at very attractive prices.”

Benefits for all stakeholders
Primevest Communication Infrastructure Fund invests in passive communication network assets. They provide long term access to telecom providers that support an open access investment strategy. Bas van Dongen, Partner at Primevest: “We believe this leads to a higher utilization rate of the network, which is beneficial to all stakeholders. End users benefit from attractive pricing, telecom providers benefit from attractive network access pricing and the investors benefit ultimately from the higher utilization rate.. By future-proof and innovative rollout approach, construction works can be kept to a minimum. With T-Mobile, we have a strong partner in business supporting our investment philosophy.”

Enabling connectivity
Wido van de Mast, CEO of VolkerWessels Telecom: “We are very excited to be working together with T-Mobile, Primevest Capital Partners and the municipality of The Hague on deploying a state-of-the-art FttH network in The Hague. This cooperation aligns with our ultimate goal of enabling total connectivity and contributing to people’s quality of life. VolkerWessels Telecom acts within the consortium as a full turnkey contractor. In this role, we combine years of experience in the telecom market with innovative solutions and technical professionals.”

About Primevest Capital Partners
Primevest Capital Partners is a pan-European investment boutique that specializes in innovative real estate and property investments. Due to the extensive industry knowledge with a focus on specialized investment sectors such as parking, telecommunications and affordable, contemporary living, Primevest Capital Partners has developed into a leading provider in these areas. Our top priority is to achieve attractive risk-adjusted returns for our customers. In doing so, we pay attention to sustainable income and value creation. Primevest Capital Partners currently manages assets of 1.6 billion euros, spread across eight sector-specific funds and two individual institutional mandates. Primevest Capital Partners currently has 40 employees at its locations in Utrecht and Berlin.

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