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Start of the fiber-optic installation across the entire city of Rahden, Germany

The Rahden fiber-optic installation project has begun and is on target: installation is scheduled for full expansion of the fiber-optic network throughout the city. Gustav internet is starting the Rahden project expansion with about 2,300 contracts.
The Rahden fiber-optic installation project has begun and is on target: installation is scheduled for full expansion of the fiber-optic network throughout the city. Gustav internet is starting the Rahden project expansion with about 2,300 contracts.

“We welcome and support the willingness of Primevest Capital Partners and gustav to set up a future-proof broadband service here in Rahden. Use this opportunity for a future-proof Rahden,” says the Mayor Dr. Bert Honsel.

“It is especially important that the benefits of transitioning to fiber-optic technology are shared by everyone. It is particularly those who already have a somewhat better service in the city centre or in the small villages today but not in a future-proof manner, whose contract will contribute to the success of the full fiber-optic expansion, which is thus made possible for all rural districts”, emphasizes Dennis Kornehl, Managing Director of gustav internet.

This creates a sustainable supply network that already covers all future needs for bandwidth requirements and applications, even if the current internet speed on the older copper technology is still adequate. This is highly relevant in terms of the robustness of the connections (home schooling, home office, numerous video and cloud applications) and not least in terms of a property valuation on sale or when there is a generation change.

Participation in public life is made possible for all generations even for senior citizens with video conferencing, TV on demand, telemedicine applications, etc. In addition, the prospect of a comprehensive fiber-optic network will, for the first time, enable the community to address many new opportunities and achieve many aspects in the digital community.

The aim of all cooperating partners is to build a comprehensive Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) fiber-optic network across the entire city of Rahden, thus enabling all citizens to access the fiber-optic network,” adds Klaus Leckelt, Senior Acquisitions Manager at Primevest Capital Partners.

Product contracts can be submitted to gustav internet either by post, email scan, or on site to EP Hauke. Feel free to talk about the project to your city councillors, and local leaders in the individual neighbourhoods of the city.

About Primevest Capital Partners

Primevest Capital Partners is a pan-European investment boutique that specialises in investments in innovative real assets. At Primevest Capital Partners, our vision is to help our clients to provide for their sustainable financial future by investing in the future of our cities and realising sustainable urban living, improving connectivity, and enabling mobility. Our investment philosophy and vision are energised by the current trend of urbanisation and the ability to fulfil the needs of modern metropolitan communities, while enhancing the quality and sustainability of people’s lives.

From our offices in Utrecht, Eindhoven and Berlin, a team of 70 professionals manage €3 billion in real assets across 12 European countries including sector-focused funds, individual institutional mandates and a number of funds. PCIF I has invested circa €250 million in greenfield fiber-optic networks in Germany and the Netherlands and has a further €100 million of investments currently under construction. PCIF II will continue the successful investment strategy from PCIF I and invest in passive fiber-optic infrastructure assets, with a focus on assets in Germany.

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About GFS    
GFS is a professional team with 20 years’ worth of experience in the field of fiber-optic network development. GFS has accompanied all relevant expansion projects in Germany right from the beginning of privatisations in the telecommunications sector. GFS offers a high-quality service portfolio, from planning to implementation and documentation. Drawing on many years’ worth of experience, successfully completed projects as a general contractor, and not least through its close customer contacts with other telecommunications companies, GFS knows what is important when it comes to the turnkey handover of projects and networks.

About gustav internet
gustav internet is an internet provider that specialises in real fiber-optic products, providing Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) through the fiber-optic network. The company offers high-speed internet products, taking advantage of the enormous potential of the new FTTH technology – with modern, contemporary download and upload speeds that conventional technologies such as cable networks or VDSL cannot offer. Together with its partners, gustav internet actively contributes to the Federal Government’s broadband objective by providing fiber-optic connections directly to regions that are not currently connected to a fiber-optic network. gustav internet works together with partners such as local energy suppliers, construction companies or municipalities to set up and operate the fiber-optic infrastructure.

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