Primevest Communication Infrastructure Fund I

The Primevest Communication Infrastructure Fund was launched in 2017 as the first investment vehicle in this sector with a focus on properties in Austria, Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands. We aim to grow the fund to around €500-€600 million in assets under management, with 70% invested in fibre networks and 30% in traffic aggregation points and data centres.
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Communication Infrastructure
Germany, the Netherlands, Austria and Belgium
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Communication Infrastructure – Enabling Connectivity

Open to institutions such as pension funds, insurers and private wealth managers, the fund has a minimum investment threshold of €10 million. To date we have equity commitments of €150 million and are financing > €100 million of fibre networks across Germany and the Netherlands, connecting homes and businesses to the latest fifth generation networks.

Original thinking drives us to seek out the next real asset investment opportunity. With data use growing exponentially and leading European economies lagging when it comes to upgrading communication infrastructure, Primevest Capital Partners has become an innovative interface between investors on the one side, and municipalities and telecom operators on the other, in this expanding market. With unrivalled inhouse knowledge and specialist teams, we are at the forefront of delivering investment opportunities in communications infrastructure. With our first fund up and running, and a second one on the horizon, Primevest is leading the way in enabling connectivity investment across European cities and now has > €150 million of investments, including projects under development.

Innovation is key to our investment philosophy, from car parks to residential real estate, we have always been ahead of the curve. We now see communication infrastructure, which offers similar long-term, low-risk, stable returns, emerging as an alternative investment opportunity underpinned by the exponential growth in smart technology and consumers’ need for big data.

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‘For decades we have invested in building roads, railways and bridges -  the essential infrastructure that connects people physically. We now have the ability to invest in the digital infrastructure to connect people virtually.”’

Bas van Dongen , Partner Communication Infrastructure