Keynote Smart cities by Heimen Visser at Real Estate Future Proof conference

The online conference Real Estate Future Proof took place on Tuesday 30 June. Heimen Visser of  Primevest Capital Partners gave a Keynote on the following topic: "Objects in public spaces, homes and office buildings, everything is digitally connected to each other."

The government’s Digital Agenda stimulates the roll-out of fiber optic connections to the 5G mobile internet; all this has an impact on autonomous driving, real-time information exchange, smart parking garages that generate energy and become transit hubs in cities, but also the narrowing of street lights by applying fine dust, temperature and traffic measurement sensors to improve the living and working climate in cities.

Heimen Visser sketches the beginning of a smart future in about 10 minutes.
See the full video here:


Article PropertyEU: Finding a space in the car parking sector

Although car parks are likely to remain a specialist asset class due to liquidity issues, the sector’s long-term potential is accelerating. With car ownership in Europe on the wane, and the continent’s leading cities increasingly driving private vehicles out of town with green policies, the investment case for car parks might seem to be dwindling.

Yet with industry insiders calculating that around half a billion of standalone, investment-grade assets were traded in the sector in 2019, nearly twice the figure for 2018, it is apparent that investor demand is on the rise. Furthermore, the latest state-driven sustainability initiatives – plus the rising value of prime, down-town land in Europe’s leading cities – may actually be boosting the relevance of parking facilities, according to Primevest Capital Partners, one of Europe’s leading car park investors.


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