Primevest European Parking Fund II

Launched in 2012, the Primevest European Parking Fund II is our second vehicle for institutional investors. The fund is structured as a German Immobilien-Spezialfonds and its core strategy is to assemble a pan-European portfolio of car park assets located in high-density, inner-city areas.
Vehicle type
Vehicle Structure
Vehicle Domicile
Legal Structure
Spezial AIF
Asset Class
Car Parks
Current AUM
€342.9 million
Target Vehicle size
Fully invested
Management phase

Car Parks – Enabling Mobility

With total equity commitments of €183.5 million, the fund closed for new investors in May 2013. By early 2016, the fund was fully invested in 13 car parks located in five different countries. The portfolio includes a shared investment in Mahler, a prized car park asset in the South-Axis (Zuidas) district of Amsterdam.

Despite appearances, car parks are anything but dull. Having spotted the opportunity of this asset class in 2011, we have grown to become Europe’s largest car park asset investment manager.  We have over €1.0 billion in assets under management across five car park funds, with the latest one still in acquisition mode.

Car parks are fundamental to enabling mobility in Europe’s high-density city centres and have proven to be resilient, even in periods of economic instability. As city centres increasingly restrict on-street car parking, either by the removal of spaces or increasing already high on-street parking fees, we believe these assets will play a fundamental part in the evolution of our cities.

Read more about our vision for the future of city-centre car parks.

‘“Car parks provide an essential role in our city centres and will continue to do so as on-street parking is removed. They are gateways to pedestrianised city centres and are evolving into mobility hubs, providing charging points, e-commerce and food distribution centres. The long-term investment case for these assets remains as valid today as it was when we launched our first fund in 2005.’

Ruud Roosen , Fund Director