Hannover glass fibre roll-out

Primevest Capital Partners has signed the agreement with FNOH and MCH on behalf of the Primevest Communication Infrastructure Fund (PCIF).
North-East of Hannover (Celle, Gifhorn)
Number of Units
20,000-25,000 Households
Construction date
Target Vehicle size
+ € 30 million

The expansion area of FNOH is in the region between the Lower Saxony state capital Hanover,  Celle and Gifhorn. It is a relatively rural area, but interesting for young families,  due to the close connection to the A2 and A7 motorways. Both being important routes in Germany. First target is the migration of the existing FttC Network to a FttH Network. Second target ist to grow the FttC network over the whole area by building Clusters which reach the necessary minimum penetration rate. MCH will build the network for PCIF. Planning & design of the networks from FNOH is conducted by MCH too. FNOH is a privately owned ISP, that started to build its own FttC/FttH infrastructure as of 2004 to provide high-speed internet in the region Hannover, Celle and Gifhorn.

Klaus Leckelt, Senior Acquisition Manager PCIf said: The areas in the northern region of Hannover are very interesting and stable growing villages. Facing the capital of lower saxony in the south and the automobile area of Wolfsburg in the east, the area has a huge demand of digital products and fiber connections. We believe that the partnership with FNOH and MCH gives us the possibility to fulfill our targets in the shortest time under a high quality.


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